Precision manufacturing and fabrication of products is based on a solid and continuous collaboration from among TOSMAC’s technical departments. From Design & Engineering, to Quality Control, to Production management, down to the Fabrication Sections, possible work errors are avoided through a series of checking. Each project complicated or otherwise is given the same care. While production processes differ depending on work requirements, www.tosmac work flow moves virtually in fluidity as the workforce knows exactly what to do in its respective field.

TOSMAC fabrication is absolutely reliable. A combination of extensive staff fabrication training and experience, technical expertise, and state-of-the-art equipments with sharp tolerances assure quality and accurate end products thus guarantees costumer satisfaction.


  • The Quality Control team makes sure that all materials meet standards prior to utilization for fabrication.
  • General fabrication starts based on detailed drawings provided by Design & Engineering Department to the Production/Fabrication heads.
  • In some cases, the client requests changes in the design or drawings even as fabrication has already commenced. Rectifications are always done immediately as a result of close coordination amongst people concerned. Confusions in the drawings, if any, are always explained and clarified at once thus limits causes of delay and errors.
  • Different works are scheduled simultaneously like CNC laser-cutting, clipping and punching so as to maximize production speed.
  • Other fabrication processes like laying-out, drilling, clipping, notching, tacking, shearing, bending go consistent with given work schedule. This is the product of proper work distribution and efficient production management.
  • Following the completion of all materials required for a certain work order is the assembling and welding. TOSMAC welders are certified, as such welding standards are always observed.
  • In cases when working drawings had been provided by clients, before a project goes out for galvanization, QC normally requests that it is first fitted and assembled in the plant to prevent possible inconsistencies that might be encountered in the field during erection and thereby correct such accordingly.
  • In cases however when drawings and models are done by TOSMAC or its Consultant, prototype assembling in the plant prior to galvanization and delivery is never necessary. This is largely due to the excellent software used by TOSMAC paired with its competent design team and reliable high-tech fabrication equipments as evidenced by the erection of numerous projects already completed without problems encountered in the field and consequently no complaints from clients are received.
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